Brazil Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in Brazil

Brazil plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures is a major industry that attracts many foreign nationals to the country.

With the relatively cheap cost of airflights to Brazil, the lure of excellent Brasil beaches and glorious weather, the country is becoming an exciting, popular and affordable medical tourist destination.

Increasingly, advertisements are hitting this reality home and highlighting the benefits of combining an unforgettable holiday experience with affordable cosmetic surgery. Packaged cosmetic vacations to cater to the 'medical tourists' in Brazil has become big business.

Even allowing for travel and hotel accommodation, with the typical costs of Brazil cosmetic surgery being significantly cheaper - fifty percent or less than in Europe and other countries worldwide, it is hardly surprising that many people are flocking to the country for cheap Brazil plastic surgery.

Not speaking Portuguese need not be an issue, since medical staff in Brazil's most established private plastic surgery clinics and hospitals are English/bilingual-speaking.

Precautions for Plastic surgery Brazil

Traditionally, the vast majority of Brazil plastic surgery clinics have been centred around Rio de Janeiro and the Sao Paulo areas. However, recent times have seen a growth in Brazilian cosmetic surgery clinics in parts of Brazil northeast such as Fortaleza, where cosmetic surgery is slightly cheaper. Many more people Brazil travel northeast to the city of Recife - which is seen as the region's major contender in Brazilian plastic surgery provision.

Brazil plastic surgery clinics boasts modern operating equipment of a standard on par with the best cosmetic surgery clinics in other countries. However, while under Brazilian law private clinics offering cosmetic surgery in Brazil must comply with high standards of hygiene, not all clinics will have medical hospital facilities to deal adequately with any unforeseen medical emergencies that might arise.

It goes without saying that some of the less well-established clinics that are offering cheap plastic surgery in Brazil may do so at a price that cut corners and could even endanger your life.

If you are considering Brazilian cosmetic surgery, you must make an informed decision, based on your own inquiries. Don't be swayed either by plush, luxurious facilities that are on offer. Rather, you must satisfy yourself that the hospital or clinic has a well-established reputation and have appropriate medical facilities at hand to manage any complications or medical emergencies that could arise.

Even though there are stringent laws in place that govern plastic surgery brazil, you must do your own checks on the clinic or hospital for modern and well equipped facilities that complies with hygiene standards and requirements as set out by the Commission for Control of Hospital Infections (CCIH) as well as the other authorities that regulate food hygiene, such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Without doubt, considerable savings can be made by medical tourists in Brasil. Brazil indeed have some excellent plastic surgery clinics and consultants but you must do your homework to ensure your health and safety. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay up to less than half price for a facelift - under £2,000, compared with £4,000 to £6,000 in the UK; and under £1,500 for a nose job, compared with £3,000.

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