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For many people the least desirable aspect of travelling abroad is the way it can expose us to a number of illnesses. However, it is always reassuring to know that where ever we travel, decent and affordable travel health care is readily available. Health care in Brazil is no exception.

Brazil health care is improving in line with the country's more stable economy. While healthcare services and dental health care is generally considered to be of a good standard in the major capital cities, it can vary in terms of efficiency, especially in smaller cities.

There are issues around accessibility of universal health care in Brazil for its people and tourists especially, due to poorly funded state hospitals.

It is said that in smaller cities, only those with infectious illnesses or life threatening emergencies can be guaranteed a hospital bed. Nevertheless, there is also an extensive network of private health care in Brazil for both residents and tourists visiting the country. However, the very fact that medical emergencies can do often arise while on holiday, private Brazil health care costs can be prohibitive. It is imperative that you take out adequate medical emergency health insurance to cover yourself, should the unexpected happen.

In contrast to healthcare systems in European countries, in Brasil it is highly probable that you will not need to visit or even be referred by a General Practitioner in order to receive any specialist consultation or medical treatment. Foreigners living in Brazil would normally consult specialist health providers in the private sector.

In any event, there is a severe shortage of Brazilian GP's, since most doctors tend to pursue more lucrative, specialised areas of work. To correct this imbalance in the primary area of Brazil health care, a public family healthcare initative has been introduced by the government. Under this new system, a multi- disciplinary team consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses and other community health agencies are charged with the task of managing specific states' primary care.

Consulting private health care doctor in Brazil

In the unfortunate event you should fall ill, you can pay to have a private doctor visit you or you can visit one - médico .

You can find information and a list English, German and French- speaking private health care doctors in Brazil at local tourist offices and at some hotels in the larger cities and tourist areas. In smaller or more remote areas, you will most likely have to rely on your Portuguese speaking abilities.

If you you are not covered by private health insurance prior to your Brazil travel northeast, you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of R$50 to R$100 for a consultation, which will also cover you for a return visit to the doctor. Any prescribed medication will be fairly inexpensive.

Increasingly, more and more people are travelling to have cosmetic surgery in Brazil. Cosmetic surgery procedures are significantly cheaper and is considered a major industry in Brazil.

In the event of a medical emergency arising in any remote areas, Brazil operate a very good air ambulance service, with a guarantee response time of within 24 hours. Should you need the air ambulance service, if at all possible, be sure to check with your health insurance company that you are in fact covered, prior to requesting one.

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