Brazil Language

The Language of Brazil

The official Brazil language is Portuguese, spoken by nearly every person in Brasil, with the exception of the indigineous Brazilian people and a small number of immigrant Asian people from Japan and South Korea.

Unlike many other countries, there is very little difference between the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil and the version spoken in Portugual.

Further, there are no regional dialects of the Portuguese language apart from minor variations in the actual accents or pronounciations in some areas of Brasil.

Brasil happens to be the only Portuguese-speaking country in all the Americas, a legacy of colonization. The indigeneous people of Brazil have their own languages which are:




The variations in Brazil languages of indigeneous people is very much central to their culture; an important aspect that they have been able to hold onto, despite the ravages of colonization, - and to a great extent, due largely in part to their segregated lifestyles in the Amazon rainforest.

There are a number of Brazil/Portuguese language schools in most cities of Brazil northeast. These Brazil Portuguese classes are a good way to learn the language.

Indeed, many students and even travellers on extended Brazil visas, use the opportunity to learn Brazil Portuguese during their stay.

If, on your Brazil travel northeast, learning the Brazil/Portuguese appeals to you, you can find further information about a language class or language school near you by visiting Brazil Tourism Office.

So there you have it! As well as enjoying all the amazing delights that Brazil northeast have to offer, you can also learn the Brazilian language so you can communicate effortlessly with the wonderfully warm Brazilian people.

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Brazil is predominantly a Catholic country - a further legacy of the Portuguese invastion

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