Brazil Hotel Accommodation

Brazil hotel accommodation and lodgings for budget travellers

The range and type of Brasil hotel accommodation for budget travellers, covers the full spectrum, from the most basic of Brazil lodgings, such as a single or double room for the night, to youth hostels and cheap and cheerful motel-type hotels.

When it comes to affording hotel accommodation for single travellers, Brasil is no exception to the rule - in that singles will nearly always pay as much for brazil hotel accommodation and lodgins, as it would cost for double occupancies. It makes more economical sense therefore for two people to share the cost of hotel lodging, where it is possible to do so.

Hotels in Brazil will offer a range of rooms with varying prices, depending on your budget or personal preference. For instance, a quarto hotel room will not have its own private bathroom; whereas an apartamento will have a shower. Upgrading to a de luxo apartment will include a fridge with market-up drinks.

Opting for a casal - will get you accommodation in Brazil of a double room; while a solteiro will secure you a single room. For starred Brazil accommodations, expect an apartment to offer facilities to include telphone, air conditioning, fan and TV.

The hotel rates for Brazil accomodation rooms or apartments will vary between seasons - (in high season expect to pay more) and will range from between R$20-30 for one star Brazil hotels accommodations and in the region of about R$50 - R$55 for a two star Brazil lodging.

Needless to say, that regardless of budget constraints, literally any one can find hotel and accommodation in Brazil at an affordable rate. Naturally, at the cheaper end of the scale, you can still secure a clean double one-star hotel lodging in Brazil relatively cheap - perhaps, with not much else.

However, if you are merely looking for places to stay in Brazil for just the nightime and nothing else, then these types of Brazil hotels and accommodationS are most economical and not bad options.

For your personal safety, just be sure to avoid brazil hotel accommodation in out of the way locations, and especially those in areas you have not personally checked out. Although in the main, the north east region is fairly safe, you will need to research the area in which you intend to secure hotel accommodations, before you set out on your Brazil travel northeast. A specialist travel agent should be able to help you with this.

Another alternative you might want to consider is renting a vacation home. This can work out very economical when the cost is shared between a group of people.

When planning your Brazil travel northeast, do bear in mind that the most economical times to go will be in low to mid seasons. This is irrespective of your choice of Brazil accommodation, since over the New Year and throughout carnival - in March, the minimum booking duration for any hotel accommodation in Brazil, will be between four to five days.

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